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ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment DW-86W118 Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Box Household Portable Mute Environmental Protection

Цена: 864632.39 RUR

40L plastic rolling supermarket shopping basket with wheels

Цена: 908190.59 RUR

HZF-150 Digital Flour Quality Analyzer Electronic Farinograph Machine With Best Price

Цена: 859545.96 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment DW-86W200 Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Box Household Large-Capacity Mute Environmental Protection

Цена: 1337523.57 RUR

ZOIBKD High-Efficiency D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Is Equipped With 2 Condensers And 2 Receiving Bottles

Цена: 835836.82 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment 10LB Pressure Extraction Kit 304 Stainless Steel Material Household Extractor

Цена: 835267.72 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment R-1020 Rotary Evaporator Motor Lifting Equipped with Vacuum Pump and Cryopump

Цена: 820661.74 RUR

DL-6M/ DL-6MC Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge, Maximum Speed 6000rpm, Maximum RCF 6680xg, Maximum Capacity 6x1000ml

Цена: 827982.05 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment DW-60W300 Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Box Household Large-Capacity Mute Environmental Protection

Цена: 1233218.61 RUR

Automatic nitrogen blowing instrument nitrogen concentrator laboratory parallel concentrator nitrogen air purging instrument

Цена: 847476.11 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment R-1005 Complete Set Of Rotary Evaporator With Cooling Pump And Vacuum Pump

Цена: 800105.84 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment DW-86L108 Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Box With 108L Capacity Mute Environmental Protection

Цена: 797447.7 RUR

HZL-350 Machinary Agricultural / Lab Digital Extensograph Electronic Tensiometer Testing Instruments with Factory Price

Цена: 795788.43 RUR

H2500R Tabletop High Speed Refrigerated Blood Centrifuge Machine with Rotor

Цена: 789491.39 RUR

ZOIBKD Laboratory Equipment 100L Single-Layer Glass Reactor With High Strength Acid Resistance Corrosion Resistance Stirring

Цена: 788937.25 RUR